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Quality Critter Cages

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Quality Critter Cages

About Us

At Quality Critter Cages, we’re a small family-run company that came into the establishment after realizing the need for classy cages for our pet reptiles. Our sturdy terrariums offer a safe, comfortable environment for your critter while enhancing the look of your room.

We understand the need for a proper space to set up your reptile’s habitat. And we’re right here to help you create the right environment to maintain their health and wellness.


Quality Critter Cages

Long-Lasting, Sturdy Terrariums

Why Choose Quality Critter Cages?

  • Constructed from high-quality oak
  • No melamine in the construction
  • Solid oak exterior with four coats of high-quality lacquer
  • Interior laminated with Formica on top of the plywood to withstand water

Quality Critter Cages

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